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401k Participant Average Account Balances

Participant Average Account Balances Plan Level Averages

Median of Plan-Level Participant Average Account Balances by Asset Segment

Participant Accounts

The Survey captured a wide range of average participant
account balances, providing an opportunity to gain insight
into the economics of defined contribution plans. Average
participant account balances varied widely across plan
sponsor respondents and plan size segments. For
example, across all plan sponsor respondents, the
10th percentile plan had an average participant account
balance of $15,386, while the 90th percentile plan had
an average participant account balance seven-fold
higher ($107,941). Similar to other defined contribution
plan reports,4 the Survey found an average participant
account balance of $56,874 (2008 reported data).

In terms of participant contributions, the average rate
was participant contribution rates between 6% and
10%.Plan sponsors also reported a range of employer
contribution activity. Among respondent plans, 92% had
employer contributions, typically in the form of a match
formula. Many (34% of plans) matched at least 100% up to
at least 3% of pay, often then matching at 100% or a lower
rate additional employee contributions. Another 18% of plans
matched 50 cents on the dollar (i.e., 50%) up to 6% of pay.

Average Participant Contribution Rate Per Plan by Percent of Plans


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